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  • From Scientist to Outreach Director: Cesar Berríos-Otero

    Many scientists struggle with how to share their work with a wider audience, but Cesar Berríos-Otero found that his passion for science was equal to his love of outreach.

    Posted 12/23/2015

    Academy Member Cesar Berríos-Otero, PhD, didn't take the most obvious path when choosing his career. As a young man growing up in Puerto Rico, scientist wasn't among the career options that most of his teachers and peers were talking about. But the passions he developed at an early age helped him follow an unexpected journey from the University of Puerto Rico to New York University to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and nowF1000, an innovative scientific publisher.

    Learn more about Cesar's Career Path in the video below.

    A key step along Cesar's Career Path was his choice to step outside of the lab. By testing his leadership skills while volunteering and exploring business ideas in our Idea to IPO course, Cesar was able to apply the skills he had in the business world. Hear Cesar talk more about building his business skills beyond grad school in the video below.