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  • Food-Microbiome Interaction: Implications for Health & Disease

    May 10 - 12, 2016 | United Kingdom
    The Royal Society, London

    Presented by the Quadram Institute and the Microbiome Science Discussion Group at the New York Academy of Sciences

    The human body is colonized by a vast number of commensal organisms, collectively termed the microbiome. Importantly, dysbiosis — dyregulation of this endemic microbiome — has been implicated in a myriad of human diseases ranging from inflammatory bowel disease, to depression.

    To discuss recent trends and emerging findings in microbiome science, the New York Academy of Science is pleased to be partnering with a new, international center for food and health research being established in the UK to present "Food-Microbiome Interaction: Implications for Health and Disease". The conference will cover the link between food, the microbiome, and healthy living (session 1), the establishment of the microbiome throughout development and host-microbe mutualism (session 2), the influence of the microbiome on physiology beyond the gut (session 3), and finally the therapeutic potential of targeting the microbiome. Bringing together experts at the field's forefront, "Food-Microbiome Interaction: Implications for Health and Disease" will present an up to date view of our understanding of the regulation of human health by the microbiome.

    Presented by

    • The Quadram Institute
    • The New York Academy of Sciences