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    In this three-part series you'll meet scientists whose research takes them outside the lab and into dangerous, accident-prone territory. Learn what to eat and not to eat in space, how to survive the deep freeze while still conducting research, and what happens when the animals you're studying aren't furry balls of love.

    Come exploring with us!

    Individual Event Tickets: $15 Members; $20 Nonmember Students; $25 Nonmembers

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  • Podcasts from Past Science & the City Events

    A young chemist discusses cutting-edge work being undertaken towards the clean production of hydrogen fuel.

    Download (18 MB, 19:45)

    Three future biologists and their mentor, Dr. Oscar Pineda, share some important lessons from their research in conservation biology.

    Download (26 MB, 28:56)
    August 13, 2014

    Fighting Food Waste with Creativity

    Leading by delicious example, Josh Treuhaft's Salvage Supperclub tackles the problem of food waste.

    Download (24 MB, 26:16)

    By inviting the public to enjoy the Bronx River, the Bronx River Alliance is creating sustainability enthusiasts and improving the local ecosystem for both humans and wildlife.

    Download (25 MB, 27:51)

    High school student Grace Greenwald shares her passion for neuroscience by connecting her peers with leading researchers in the field to inspire future innovators.

    Download (0 MB, 16:10)

    Alzheimer's Disease is a growing health and economic concern worldwide, prompting innovative efforts to better understand the disease and translate that understanding into effective interventions.

    Download (54 MB, 59:34)

    Integrating nutrition and early childhood development interventions may amplify the benefits of both for the world's underprivileged children.

    Download (42 MB, 36:46)
    May 29, 2014

    The Problem with Protein

    Experts discuss innovations in food science and programming that are aimed at sustainably producing adequate protein for the global population.

    Download (0 MB, 32:54)

    Scientists, health professionals, and food industry representatives discuss the process of putting the Research Agenda for Nutrition Science into action.

    Download (0 MB, 29:04)

    Scientists, health professionals, and food industry representatives discuss the importance of addressing global nutrition needs from a multidisciplinary perspective.

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