• Gotham-Metro Condensed Matter Meeting

    Keynote speakers: Sidney Nagel (University of Chicago) and David Goldhaber-Gordon (Stanford University)

    Presented by the New York Academy of Sciences

    Held at the New York Academy of Sciences | November 21, 2009

    Organized by graduate students from institutions around the New York metropolitan area, the Gotham-Metro Condensed Matter Meeting presented a unique opportunity for physicists at many area institutions to meet and share their latest discoveries. The program featured talks in both soft and hard condensed matter physics, as well as poster sessions presenting research projects in a wide variety of subfields. It also included keynote talks from Sidney Nagel (University of Chicago) and David Goldhaber-Gordon (Stanford University). This webinar archive collects all of the day’s presentations.

    In this Webinar
    Slides & Audio
    Life of a Drop: Topological Transitions and Singularites in Fluids
    Sidney Nagel (University of Chicago)
    Slides & Audio
    Imaging Interference and Interactions of Electrons in Two Dimensions
    David Goldhaber-Gordon (Stanford University)
    Slides & Audio
    Flow Visualization and Flow Cytometry with Holographic Video Microscopy
    Fook Chiong Cheong (New York University)
    Slides & Audio
    Calculation of the Axionic Orbital Magnetoelectric Coupling
    Sinisa Coh (Rutgers University)
    Slides & Audio
    Nonlinear Behavior in Long Range Integrable Models with Spin
    Manas Kulkarni (Stony Brook University)
    Slides & Audio
    Carbon Nanofilms on Diamond for Sensor Applications
    Vivek Kumar (College of Staten Island)
    Slides & Audio
    Optical Detection of Spins
    Yunpu Li (City College of New York)
    Slides & Audio
    Single Cooper Pair Regime without Offset Charges in a Josephson Quantum Circuit
    Vladimir Manucharyan (Yale University)
    Slides & Audio
    Spin Segregation in a Two-component Fermi Gases
    Stefan S. Natu (Cornell University)
    Slides & Audio
    Spin Coherence and Relaxation of Electrons at the Si/SiO2 Interface
    S. Shankar (Princeton University)
    Slides & Audio
    Quantum Interference and Klein Tunneling in Graphene Heterojunctions
    Andrea Young (Columbia University)
    Slides & Audio
    Changes in Local Structure and Dynamic Heterogeneity in Aging Colloidal Glasses
    Peter Yunker (University of Pennsylvania)


    Academy Friends

    New York University Materials Research Science & Engineering Center

    CUNY Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

    Participating Institutions

    Columbia University
    Cornell University
    City College of CUNY
    College of Staten Island
    New Jersey Institute of Technology
    New York University
    Princeton University
    Rutgers University
    Stony Brook University
    University of Pennsylvania
    Yale University

    Gotham-Metro Condensed Matter Meeting Spring 2009