COGfx Study 2: Buildingomics — A New Approach to Green Building

    Wednesday, December 14, 2016 | 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
    The New York Academy of Sciences

    Join Urban Green Council and the New York Academy of Sciences for a special NYC briefing and reception as scientists from Harvard University and SUNY Upstate New York Medical Center discuss Study 2 of the groundbreaking COGfx research: Buildingomics. This exciting research builds on separate research released last year that found significantly higher cognitive function test scores for people who worked in optimized indoor environmental quality conditions often found in green buildings.

    Now, the research scientists go a step further with Buildingomics-a new approach that examines the totality of factors in the building-related environment that influence the human health, well-being and productivity of people who work in buildings.

    A reception will follow the event.

    For more information on the study go to:

    This event was co-presented with the Urban Green Council. Support for the event and primary support for the study were provided by United Technologies Corp.