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    In addition to joining the larger scientific community at Academy events, teachers also partake in specific Science Teacher Program events that fall into the following categories:

    • The NYC Science Education Roundtable brings together teachers and program providers of enrichment and professional development programs in a smaller setting. Teachers and program managers will have an opportunity to informally network and share best practices to help build connections between our science teacher members and the informal science education community.
    • Field Trips for Teachers is a series that allows teachers to "test drive" field trips before taking their students. Teachers will have the opportunity to learn about the different options at a field trip location, network with the staff, and plan how to bring their own students.
    • Teaching the Cutting Edge is a content series designed to connect world-class scientific speakers with New York City teachers through inspiring and informative seminars and resources that teachers can bring back to their classrooms.

    All Science Teacher Program events are free to New York Academy of Sciences Members.

    Free Membership for Teachers

    In support of this initiative, the New York Academy of Sciences has secured funding to provide more than 1,000 complimentary one-year memberships to New York City science teachers.

    Membership benefits include: Free admission to all science education events, as well as over 100+ meetings annually in myriad scientific areas; full online access to all eBriefings and webinars; unlimited access to thousands of scientific articles in Annals Online; free access to career and professional development resources from the Science Alliance; member magazine three times per year; and more.

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  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Science Education Initiative is to fulfill a clear need to create bottom-up programming for science education professionals by providing a forum for: (1) Teachers to share classroom best practices and innovative approaches; (2) Speakers to communicate current thinking on science education; (3) Educators to hold science education policy discussions; and (4) Community members to share opportunities to learn about and discuss science education issues. The Initiative further aims to connect science teachers with the New York science community to give teachers the opportunity to learn about current scientific discoveries and trends and create links between students, their teachers, and practicing scientists both in the classroom and potentially in the laboratory.