• Member Benefits

  • Admission to Academy Events

    All Academy members are eligible for free or discounted admission to the over 100 scientific events or symposia the Academy organizes each year, including our Frontiers of Science and Science & the City programs. Visit our events calendar to see what's coming up.

    Unlimited Access to Unique Digital Content

    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences is one of the world's most highly cited interdisciplinary scientific publications. All Members enjoy open access to the complete historical archive of Annals Online. The archive begins in 1823 with the first volume of Annals of the Lyceum of Natural History of New York, which was later renamed Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. All members are also eligible to purchase print issues for the discounted price of $25 each. In addition, Professional and Supporting Members may select one complimentary print edition of Annals each year, and Patron Members may select two complimentary print editions each year.

    Academy eBriefings allow the Academy’s worldwide membership to experience our events online, at their convenience, through the ease of an Internet connection. Designed to provide busy scientists the latest information in an accessible format, these unique multimedia presentations contain meeting summaries by professional science writers; speakers’ slides and audio; video interviews; and links to other related information, including relevant journal articles, Web sites, books, and speakers’ home pages. Academy members receive exclusive access to our entire eBriefings catalog.

    The New York Academy of Sciences Magazine, published in print and online, features news and information about current issues in science and technology as well as articles about the Academy, its programs, and its members. All members receive a complimentary subscription to the magazine, which is mailed three times per year. The magazine is also published online.

    The Sciences magazine was published by the Academy from 1961 to 2001, during which it won seven National Magazine Awards. A unique forum for examining issues across all areas of science, the magazine featured articles, news, and commentary on scientific developments of social and cultural interest, written for lay people as well as professionals, The historical archive of all 41 volumes are now available to Academy members online.

    Career Development Resources

    Membership in the Academy gives you access to career development and professional training tools, developed by the Academy’s Science Alliance program. The Science Alliance program complements our scientific content with workshops, courses, and online content focused on career education, development, and training.

    Complimentary Magazine Subscriptions

    Our Professional and Patron Members have the opportunity to choose between a print subscription to Nautilus, Nature or Scientific American for the duration of their membership.

    Additional Benefits

    All members receive an Academy membership card. Professional and Patron Members also receive an engraved membership certificate.

    In addition, Academy members are entitled to special discounts on publications, insurance, and car rentals. Learn more about member discounts.