• Interdisciplinary Transport Phenomena: Fluid, Thermal, Biological, Materials, and Space Sciences

    Edited by Satwinder S. Sadhal (University of Southern California)
    Volume 1161, April 2009
    50 Papers

    Chapters include contributions in the biotransport phenomena and medical applications, including phenomena in physiology and medicine, targeted drug delivery, protein crystal growth, and bioporous media; transport processes in materials technology, with chapters on “container-less” processing, levitation studies, electrostatic and electromagnetic phenomena, diffusion processes, and inorganic crystal growth; space exploration technologies, including bio-responses in the space environment, combustion and space power systems, boiling phenomena in space, thermal management in space, and water reclamation technologies; interfacial phenomena and phase transitions, including drops, bubbles, particles, phase-change phenomena, surfactants, and complex fluids; and transport phenomena and properties of nanoparticles and aerosols.