• The Year in Evolutionary Biology 2008

    Edited by Carl D. Schlichting (University of Connecticut) and Timothy A. Mousseau (University of South Carolina)
    Volume 1133, June 2008
    10 Papers

    Review and Synthesis

    • Callahan et al., Phenotypic plasticity, costs of phenotypes, and costs of plasticity: toward an integrative view
    • Rice, Theoretical approaches to the evolution of development and genetic architecture
    • Hadany & Comeron, Why are sex and recombination so common?
    • Haloin & Strauss, The interplay between ecological communities and evolution: feedbacks from microevolutionary to macroevolutionary scales
    • Soltis, Bell, Kim, and Soltis, The origin and early evolution of angiosperms
    • Zeh and Zeh, Consequences of reproductive mode for speciation


    • Badyaev, Maternal effects as generators of evolutionary change: a reassessment
    • Hughes, Near-Neutrality: the Leading Edge of the Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution
    • Moller, Interactions between interactions: Predator-prey, parasite-host and mutualistic interactions
    • Schlichting, Hidden reaction norms, cryptic variation and evolvability