• Ecological Economics Reviews

    Edited by Karin E. Limburg (SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, New York) and Robert Costanza and Ida Kubiszewski (Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont)
    Volume 1185, February 2010
    16 Papers

    This inaugural issue of a new Annals series contains reviews on topics that are at the crossroads of ecology and economics. Browse through papers by leading international experts in the science of sustainability.

    Questions about the issue may be submitted to either Douglas Braaten, Director and Executive Editor of the Annals, or Ida Kubiszewski (, volume managing editor

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    Editorial Advisory Board

    Bernardo Aguilar, Paula Antunes, Ruchi Badola, Cutler Cleveland, Lisa Deutsch, Jon Erickson, Stephen Farber, Joshua Farley, Carl Folke, John Gowdy, Charles Hall, Richard Howarth, Sabine O'Hara, David Orr, Charles Perrings, Eva Roth, and Peter Victor


    Ecological Economics Reviews: An introduction to the inaugural volume.
    Robert Costanza and Karin Limburg

    Part I. Fundamentals

    The science of ecological economics: a content analysis of ecological economics, 1989–2004.
    Valerie A. Luzadis, Leandro Castello, Jaewon Choi, Eric Greenfield, Sung-kyun Kim, John Munsell, Erik Nordman, Carol Franco, and Flavien Olowabi

    Connecting Thermodynamics and Economics: well lit roads and burned bridges.
    Mark David Glucina and Kozo Mayumi

    Part II. Approaches

    The role of input-output analysis of energy and ecologic systems in the early development of ecological economics—a personal perspective.
    Bruce Hannon

    Agent-based modeling in ecological economics.
    Scott Heckbert, Tom Baynes, and Andrew Reeson

    Valuing ecosystem services: theory, practice, and the need for a trans-disciplinary synthesis.
    Shuang Liua, Robert Costanza, Stephen Farber, and Austin Troy

    Ecosystem valuation: a sequential decision support system and quality assessment issues.
    R. Kerry Turner, Sian Morse-Jones, and Brendan Fisher

    Year in Review—EROI or Energy Return on (Energy) Invested.
    David J. Murphy and Charles A. S. Hall

    Part III. Case studies

    Biofuels and sustainability.
    Barry D. Solomon

    Re-assessing the forest impacts of protection: the challenge of non-random location and a corrective method.
    Lucas Joppa and Alexander Pfaff

    Economic valuation of climate change adaptation in developing countries.
    Jesper Stage

    Part III. Equitability and governance

    Commoditization and Oppression: a systems approach to understanding the economic dynamics of modes of oppression.
    Jack P. Manno

    Democratizing economics: Pluralism as a path toward sustainability.
    Peter Söderbaum and Judy Brown

    Public sector administration of ecological economics systems using mediated modeling.
    Marjan van den Belt, Jennifer R. Kenyan, Elizabeth Krueger, Alison Maynard, Matthew Galen Roy, and Ian Raphael

    Part IV. Emerging perspectives

    Pro-environmental behavior: rational choice meets moral motivation.
    Rama Mohana R. Turaga, Richard B. Howarth, and Mark E. Borsuk

    The road to sustainability must bridge three great divides.
    James Aronson, James N. Blignaut, Rudolf de Groot, Andre Clewell, Porter P. Lowry II, Paddy Woodworth, Richard M. Cowling, Daniel Renison, Joshua Farley, Christelle Fontaine, David Tongway, Samuel Levy, Suzanne J. Milton, Orlando Rangel, Bev Debrincat, and Chris Birkinshaw

    Ecological economics and economic growth.
    Peter A. Victor