• Special Issue: The Year in Evolutionary Biology

    Edited by Charles W. Fox (University of Kentucky) and Timothy A. Mousseau (University of South Carolina)
    Volume 1389, February 2017
    212 Pages, 11 Papers

    This issue of The Year in Evolutionary Biology includes:

    Table of contents

    Evolutionary potential of upper thermal tolerance: biogeographic patterns and expectations under climate change
    Sarah E. Diamond

    Lateral gene transfer, bacterial genome evolution, and the Anthropocene
    Michael R. Gillings

    When and why does sex chromosome dosage compensation evolve?
    Christopher H. Chandler

    Dissecting genome reduction and trait loss in insect endosymbionts
    Amparo Latorre and Alejandro Manzano-Marín

    Pleiotropy, constraint, and modularity in the evolution of life histories: insights from genomic analyses
    Kimberly A. Hughes and Jeff Leips

    Life history evolution, reproduction, and the origins of sex-dependent aging and longevity
    Robert C. Brooks and Michael G. Garratt

    New views on the selection acting on genetic polymorphism in central metabolic genes
    Walter F. Eanes

    Evolutionary ecology of virus emergence
    John J. Dennehy

    Developmental sexual dimorphism and the evolution of mechanisms for adjustment of sex ratios in mammals
    Elissa Z. Cameron, Amy M. Edwards and Laura M. Parsley

    Evolution of bird genomes—a transposon's-eye view
    Aurélie Kapusta and Alexander Suh

    Evolutionary genetics of host shifts in herbivorous insects: insights from the age of genomics
    Kim L. Vertacnik and Catherine R. Linnen