• Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease — What Will It Take?

    Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease — What Will It Take?

    Organizers: Michael Krams (Janssen Pharmaceuticals), Michael Poole (AstraZeneca), Michael T. Ropacki (Janssen Alzheimer Immunotherapy), Reisa A. Sperling (Harvard Medical School), Sonya Dougal (formerly at The New York Academy of Sciences), and Diana L. van de Hoef (The New York Academy of Sciences)Presented by the Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Initiative
    Reported by Lisa J. Bain | Posted August 9, 2013


    The aging world population portends a global public health crisis as Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other dementias are expected to increase dramatically by 2050. Drug development aiming to cure or slow the progression of AD has yielded disappointing results despite our improved understanding of AD pathogenesis, as well as enormous expenditures by the pharmaceutical industry. A consensus has emerged that new approaches are needed, including new trial designs. On June 10–11, 2013, the New York Academy of Sciences convened Alzheimer's researchers from academia and industry to consider an adaptive trial design for AD. Joining the discussion were cancer researchers who have built such a trial to evaluate breast cancer treatments. Participants agreed that the urgency of the AD crisis requires bold thinking about new treatment strategies. The discussion led to the establishment of a steering committee to begin building a roadmap toward the development of a multinational adaptive trial for AD. The steering committee plans to convene working groups and think tanks to address the many challenges such a trial would face. The Academy's Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Initiative sponsored the workshop, titled Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease — What Will it Take?

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    Presentations available from:
    Donald A. Berry, PhD (The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center)
    Chas Bountra, PhD (University of Oxford, UK)
    Samantha L. Budd, PhD (AstraZeneca)
    Roger Bullock, MD (Kingshill Research Centre, UK)
    Laura J. Esserman, MD, MBA (University of California, San Francisco)
    Michael Krams, MD (Janssen Pharmaceuticals)
    Simon Lovestone, BM, PhD (King's College London, UK)
    Celia Merzbacher, PhD (Semiconductor Research Corporation)
    William C. Mobley, MD, PhD (University of California, San Diego)
    Jeffrey S. Nye, MD, PhD (Janssen Research & Development)
    Michael Poole, MD (AstraZeneca)
    Eric M. Reiman, MD (Banner Alzheimer's Institute)
    Michael T. Ropacki, PhD (Janssen Alzheimer Immunotherapy)
    Jeffrey Sevigny, MD (Biogen Idec)
    Reisa A. Sperling, MD, MMSc (Harvard Medical School)
    Robert A. Stern, PhD (Boston University School of Medicine)

    Presented by

    • The New York Academy of Sciences
    • Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies
    • Eli Lilly and Company
    • Merck
    • Sanofi
    • Takeda