• Glass Buildings

    The Energy Challenge

    Glass Buildings

    The Energy Challenge

    Speakers: Nancy E. Anderson (Sallan Foundation), Chris Benedict (Architecture and Energy Limited), Scott Frank (Jaros Baum & Bolles), Adrian Tuluca (Viridian Energy & Environmental LLC), and Michael Bobker (CUNY)Presented by the Environmental Sciences Section, the Green Buildings Discussion Group, and the Green Science & Environmental Policy Discussion Group
    Reported by Theresa Wizemann | Posted April 6, 2009


    The vitreous high-rise tower is an icon of contemporary urban architecture. From a sustainability perspective, however, building experts and climate advocates are raising concerns about the energy performance of glassy transparent façades. New York City is weighing greener building code recommendations as the city—and the world—reconsider the built environment in the face climate change.

    On March 3, 2009, architects and engineers gathered at the New York Academy of Sciences to examine further the energy aspect of glass buildings. Scott Frank of Jaros, Baum, and Bolles provided background on current energy codes and standards, and how recent glass designs have been able to meet them; Adrian Tuluca of Viridian Energy & Environmental discussed energy modeling for code compliance and how well modeling reflects reality; and Chris Benedict, an architect experienced in designing energy-efficient building envelopes, demonstrated calculations used to quantify a design's projected energy performance.

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