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    Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum 2011

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    Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum 2011

    Panelists: Lew Tucker (Cisco Systems, Inc.), Karem Sakallah (University of Michigan), and Richard DeMillo (Georgia Institute of Technology)Presented by The Qatar Foundation
    Reported by Don Monroe, PhD | Posted February 14, 2012


    The Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum convened for the second time from November 20 – 22, 2011, in Doha, to discuss progress and challenges in transforming Qatar from a resource-based to a knowledge-based economy and in creating a more sustainable future. The Foundation recruited eminent scientists and leaders from Qatar and around the world to share their insights on how to build a robust R&D infrastructure, encourage regional and worldwide collaborations, and foster entrepreneurship in Qatar. One day of the forum was devoted to a series of research presentations in five areas: energy, environmental, biomedical, computing, and arts and humanities research.

    This eBriefing looks at the research presented in the computing track, which focused on the areas in which the newly founded Qatar Computing Research Institute is concentrating: Arabic language technologies, social computing, scientific computing, cloud computing, and data analytics. A panel of distinguished experts in computing research challenged the presenters to consider new ways of thinking about their experimental designs and their results. In addition to the research presentations, a workshop met to discuss computing challenges in data, from content understating to scalable analytics.

    Use the tabs above to find a meeting report and multimedia from the Annual Research Forum Computing track.

    Presentations available from Workshop 6 — Computing Challenges in Data:
    Sihem Amer-Yahia, PhD (Qatar Computing Research Institute)
    Ihab Francis Ilyas Kaldas, PhD (Qatar Computing Research Institute)
    Christopher Ré, PhD (University of Wisconsin, USA)
    Lew Tucker, PhD (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
    Stephan Vogel, PhD (Qatar Computing Research Institute)
    Q&A Session

    A report and multimedia presentations from the forum-wide sessions can be found in the Building a Knowledge-based Economy in Qatar eBriefing.

    Reports on the individual research tracks can be found at:
    Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Islamic Studies Research eBriefing
    Biomedical Research eBriefing
    Energy Research eBriefing
    Environmental Research eBriefing

    For speaker abstracts, download the Annual Research Forum Proceedings here.
    For speaker biographies, download the Annual Research Forum Program book here.

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