• Science and Innovation Week

    Planning Mexico City's High-Tech Future

    Science and Innovation Week

    Planning Mexico City's High-Tech Future

    Keynote Speakers: Sam Pitroda (National Knowledge Commission of India), Alvin Toffler (Author, Future Shock), Jerry Hultin (Polytechnic Institute of NYU), Hugo Santana (IBM Mexico), Rajendra Pachauri (Energy and Resources Institute), Harry Kroto (Florida State University), Robert Richardson (Cornell University), Rajeev Sethi (Asian Heritage Foundation), Robert Engle (NYU Stern School of Business), Sherwood Rowland (UC Irvine), and Russell Read (C Change Investments)Presented by Academia Mexicana de Ciencias, Ciudad de México, Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnologia del Distrito Federal, and the New York Academy of Sciences
    Reported by Alan Dove | Posted December 3, 2008


    Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, along with the New York Academy of Sciences, the Mexican Academy of Sciences, and the Science and Technology Institute of Mexico City, convened Mexico City's "Science and Innovation Week" on September 22-25, 2008.

    In six intensive sessions, Nobel laureates and other leaders in science and innovation addressed the 300-strong crowd of policymakers, business executives, teachers, and students. Morning sessions provided a sampling of scientific fields where Mexico City could excel, and the afternoons focused on innovation, the difficult alchemy of turning scientific progress into practical and profitable technologies. Specific scientific and technical fields discussed included health and genomics, urban infrastructure, and green technology. Additional sessions focused on innovation models, ways of fostering a pipeline of new talent, and how to translate scientific discoveries to marketable products.

    Ebrard outlined a plan to get the area's scientific and technological infrastructure up to world-class standards. The centerpiece of his initiative is a set of four "knowledge cities" within Mexico City, each focused on a different aspect of the innovation economy: education, medicine, communication, and finance.

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    Sam Pitroda

    Innovation and Knowledge Economy

    Sam Pitroda, the chief architect of India's telecommunication revolution, explains how the experience of innovation in his country suggests opportunities for Mexico City's development.

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