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  • Places & Spaces: Mapping Science: How maps can be used to chart progress and gaps in scientific knowledge

    An exhibit on display through August 31 at The New York Public Library's Science & Industry Business Library. Download our audio guide, sync it with your iPod and go to the show, or subscribe and view in iTunes. This is an
    enhanced podcast (viewing instructions).
    Also see the exhibit's online counterpart at
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    July 31, 2009

    Rocket Park

    Over a round of astrophysics mini-golf, learn what goes into creating a world-class science exhibit from Eric Siegel, Director of the NY Hall of Science, Lee Skolnick, the course’s architect, and physicist Alan Friedman.

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    Proof of Concept Centers allow emerging technologists to try out their ideas, work with mentors, and develop marketable products. One of the key challenges participants face is turning a product into a viable business. In this podcast you’ll hear from participating teams as they pitch their products to potential commercial customers and investors in the clean energy sector.

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    February 16, 2017

    Finding the Nutritional Key to Longevity

    You see the headlines all the time linking nutrition to health and aging, but it's not so easy figuring out where the science is behind them. This podcast examines the connections between nutrition and longevity through the eyes of scientists researching the question.

    Download (48 MB, 00:20:57)

    In this special podcast, learn about the stories that shaped the Academy's 200 year history. From the emergence of the Academy on a bustling street in downtown Manhattan of 1817 to the professionalization and expansion of the sciences through the 1800s. From our early efforts to help disseminate and share scientific research long before the internet to our efforts today to expand who has access to scientific careers around the globe.

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