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    Special Issue: From Knowledge to Wisdom: Science and the Good Life

    Edited by Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences editorial staff

    This Annals issue presents papers from a three-part series, in collaboration with the Nour Foundation, on the science of happiness, morality, and wisdom.

    Volume 1384


    The Physics of Everything

    Is there a limit to human knowledge? Where do philosophy and physics intersect? Are we alone in the universe? Answering these and other questions, this six-part series united some of our most vibrant public intellectuals and communicators for explorations that reflect on the current state of modern physical sciences, its greatest mysteries and future endeavors, and its philosophical significance for our understanding of reality and the spiritual dimension of human existence.


    The Neurosciences and Music V: Cognitive Stimulation and Rehabilitation

    Edited by Emmanuel Bigand (University of Bourgogne), Barbara Tillmann (Lyon Neuroscience Research Center), Isabelle Peretz (University of Montreal), Robert J. Zatorre (McGill University), Luisa Lopez (University of Rome), and Maria Majno (Pierfranco and Luisa Mariani Foundation)

    This Annals volume highlights neuroscience research on the unique contributions of music to programs of cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation, including music-based interventions for neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Volume 1337


    Gluttony: Deconstructing Dinner

    Moderator: Dan Pashman (Journalist)
    Panelists: Steve Ettlinger (Author) and Dwight Eschliman (Photographer)

    Steve Ettlinger and Dwight Eschliman described their investigation of the ingredients in processed foods and discussed their upcoming book, Foodstuff, at the finale of the Academy's Science and the Seven Deadly Sins series.


    Sloth: Is Your City Making You Fat?

    Moderator: Tom Vanderbilt (Author)
    Panelists: Mariela Alfonzo (Polytechnic Institute at New York University), Kaid Benfield (Natural Resources Defense Council), and Hunter Reed (FAST NYC)

    As part of the Academy's Science and the Seven Deadly Sins series, a panel discussed urban design in NYC and explored how the built environment affects public health.


    Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Islamic Studies Research: Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum 2011

    Panelists: Richard Charkin (Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, UK), Nader Ardalan (Harvard University & Ardalan Associates, LLC), Mostafa Kharoufi (Economic and Social Council), and Ali Mohayuddin Qaradaghi (Qatar University)

    This eBriefing highlights humanities and social sciences research presented at the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum. Topics include civic engagement, urbanization, demography, public health, public administration, education, communications, cultural analysis, Islamic jurisprudence and much more.


    The Intersection of Data and Design: Mark Hansen

    Speaker: Mark Hansen (UCLA)
    Organizer: Meghan Groome (The New York Academy of Sciences)

    With the combination of sensors, math and creativity, data collection and visualization can engage students in new ways of seeing and reporting upon their world. Join Mark Hansen in this eBriefing as he describes his work at the intersection of data and design.


    The Neurosciences and Music III: Disorders and Plasticity

    Edited by Simone Dalla Bella (University of Finance and Management, Warsaw, Poland), Nina Kraus (Northwestern University, School of Communication, Evanston, Illinois), Katie Overy (University of Edinburgh - Music, Edinburgh, United Kingdom), Christo Pantev (Institute for Biomagnetism and Biosignalanalysis, Munster University Hospital, Munster, Germany), Joel S. Snyder (Department of Psychology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada), Mari Tervaniemi (Cognitive Brain Research Unit, Department of Psychology, University of Helsinki, Finland), Barbara Tillmann (Neurosciences et Systèmes Sensoriels CNRS - Université Claude Bernard, Lyon, France), and Gottfried Schlaug (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA)

    Manuscripts in this Annals volume address how the tools of cognitive neuroscience have provided new insights into music and the brain.


    Songs of Experience: Music and the Brain

    Organizers: Isabelle Peretz (University of Montréal), Robert Zatorre (McGill University), Virginia Penhune (Concordia University), Giuliano Avanzini (Istituto Neurologico "C. Besta"), and Luisa Lopez (Università di Roma "Tor Vergata")

    For scientists of the brain and human behavior, music offers a unique window for understanding a variety of sophisticated neurological and cognitive processes. Some hope that it could even offer ways to help the brain heal itself.


    Biology and Art: Two Worlds or One?

    Keynote Speaker: Jens Hauser (curator and author)

    When visual modeling becomes an essential tool for scientific discovery or when artists borrow scientific technologies and images, the line separating biology and art can become very blurry.