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    Feeding the Planet: An Evening with Alan Weisman

    Speaker: Alan Weisman (Author)

    Award-winning author Alan Weisman discussed his latest book, Countdown: Our Last Best Hope for a Future on Earth? In the book he considers whether and how humans can sustainably thrive on Earth without crashing the global ecosystem.


    The Implications of a Data Driven–Built Environment

    Edited by Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences editorial staff

    This Annals issue explores how large data sets can be harnessed to improve energy management in the built environment.

    Volume 1295


    The Implications of a Data-driven Built Environment

    Keynote Speaker: Didier Stevens (Toyota Motor Europe)

    Data about energy consumption in buildings can revolutionize energy use and, if analyzed effectively, has the potential to transform buildings' market value. This eBriefing examines 'big data' in the real estate industry and focuses on new systems for energy management.


    Nature and the City: What Good Is Urban Conservation?

    Moderator: Bill Ulfelder (The Nature Conservancy)
    Speakers: Marielle Anzelone (NYC Wildflower Week), Jon Christensen (Stanford University), Susannah Drake (dlandstudio pllc), Rob McDonald (The Nature Conservancy), and Phil Stevens (Urban Creeks Council)

    Across the United States, people are newly inspired to recapture nature in cities, but can these efforts rebuild biodiversity? In this eBriefing, leading scientists, authors, and urban conservationists discuss the science behind and the promise of today's urban conservation efforts.


    Finding the Needle in the Data Haystack: The Implications of a Data-driven Built Environment

    Speakers: Chris Garvin (Terrapin Bright Green), Cliff Majersik (Institute for Market Transformation), and Chris Pyke (U.S. Green Building Council)

    There is an increasing focus on policy, standards, and interoperability of building data. Without the proper tools, the virtual tsunami of building data can overwhelm potential users. This eBriefing focuses on refining the data stream to drive green building innovation.


    Creating the Next Conservation Movement — Or Do We Even Need One?

    Speakers: Ted Nordhaus (Breakthrough Institute), Sanjayan (The Nature Conservancy), Michael Shellenberger (Breakthrough Institute), Gernot Wagner (Environmental Defense Fund), and Hazel Wong (The Nature Conservancy)
    Moderator: David Owen (The New Yorker)

    How can we build a new U.S. conservation and environmental movement to meet the challenges of the new century ... or is the desire to mainstream environmentalism just a symptom of the problem? This eBriefing explores the conundrum.


    Energy for the Next 20 Years: Protecting the Environment and Meeting Our Demands

    Moderator: David Roberts (
    Speakers: Stewart Brand (Long Now Foundation), Joe Fargione (The Nature Conservancy), Jesse Jenkins (Breakthrough Institute), Arne Jungjohann (Heinrich Boell Foundation), and Jeff Opperman (The Nature Conservancy)

    How can Earth possibly meet its growing energy demands without destroying the environment? Experts on wind, nuclear, hydropower, and other energy forms debate the most promising paths forward in this eBriefing.


    Energy Research: Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum 2011

    Panelists: Lynn Gladden (University of Cambridge), Raymond Lee Orbach (University of Texas at Austin), Philippe Tanguy (Total S.A.), and Omar Yaghi (University of California, Los Angeles)

    This eBriefing highlights energy research presented at the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Forum. Topics include fossil fuel and renewable energy research, and energy efficiency in buildings.


    Market Makers: Developing and Deploying Energy Efficiency Technology in NYC

    Moderator: David Biello (Scientific American)
    Speakers: Mei Shibata (ThinkEco), Colin Smart (Con Edison), and Allen Freifeld (Viridity Energy)

    This Academy eBriefing reports on the emergence and growth of New York City's clean tech industry by way of case studies on its green building advances and locally sourced efficiency technologies.


    Measuring Energy Efficiencies in Buildings: Connecting Goals with Metrics

    Organizer & Moderator: Chris Garvin (Terrapin Bright Green)
    Speakers: Victoria Anstead (Tactical Aesthetics), Hywel Davies (Chartered Institution of Building Engineers), and David Hsu (University of Pennsylvania)

    This eBriefing covers the opportunities and challenges of communicating energy-related issues, changing behavior, and monitoring and measuring efficiency gains.