• Corporate Partnerships

  • Overview

    As a Corporate, Industry, or Institutional Partner of the Academy, your organization can be a vital part of all the Academy does.

    Your partnership with the Academy brings you many benefits:

    • Provides a neutral, pre-competitive forum for coordinating stakeholders and disparate organizations—including industry, NGOs, academia, and policymakers.
    • Consolidates voices of experts in a field efficiently to help funders make effective investments in solutions.
    • Engages stakeholders in convening activities and rapidly disseminates findings, leveraging the Academy’s conference and publishing strengths (including the high-impact journal – Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences – and novel electronic publications of the highest quality).
    • Enables networking for business leaders, as well as potential customers and partners, in a pre-competitive environment.
    • Offers businesses and organizations a competitive edge by providing unparalleled access to thought-leaders at the cutting edge of innovation.
    • Facilitates channels for professional development of current employees and workforce development for future employees. 

    Over the years, a wide range of partners have worked with the Academy to design customized programs and activities that fit their goals and needs, including, among others:

    Institutes and Research Initiatives
    The Academy works with Partners on sustained, high-level, coordinated efforts to identify core research areas, prioritize agendas, and translate them into application and public policy changes.

    STEM Education
    Through its breakthrough Education Programs that encompass the entire STEM pipeline, the Academy offers opportunities for companies to advance CSR and workforce initiatives.

    Public-Private Partnerships and Consortia
    Companies have relied on the Academy to create public private partnerships and consortiums bringing together key stakeholders from industry, academia and government.

    Professional Development
    Corporate, Industry, and Institutional Partners can use the convening and disseminating power for the professional development of their scientists, who become Members of the Academy through the companies' support and reap the benefits of Membership, including full access to the Academy's online content and free/discounted registration fees.

    Career Days
    Companies have leveraged the Academy’s network to meet some of the top graduate students and postdocs globally through industry career days and to provide  insight to these young scientists as to what it is like to work in an R&D capacity at a major company.

    Open Innovation Challenges
    The Academy offers industry the opportunity to put forward global open innovation challenges and harness a global network to provide critical and pressing solutions.

    Program Sponsorships
    Top companies and organizations sponsor the Academy’s renowned events, enabling the research community to convene academy, industry and government scientists to discuss the latest research in a variety of programmatic areas. Lead partners have the opportunity to participate in planning and shaping events.

    Contact Us

    For more information about how you can help support the Academy's mission, please contact:

    Linde E.T. Ostro, PhD

    Senior Vice President for Development