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    The Science Alliance is the institutional membership program of the New York Academy of Sciences. Institutions that join as Science Alliance partners provide individual memberships for their students, postdocs, and/or faculty members. For information on how you and your institution can become a part of the Science Alliance, see Partner Organizations.

    Members enrolled in the Science Alliance have many opportunities to be engaged in the Academy, virtually and in person.

    Career Resources — Science Alliance provides programs and services focused on career education, development, and training. Through our website, members can view archived webinars, review career focused publications and eBriefings and view our "Career Path" video series.

    Mentoring — Seminars, webinars, and courses are designed to build fundamental skills like management, networking and interpersonal communications or to provide entrepreneurial training in commercializing research and starting a tech venture. For more information, visit our Course Offerings and Around Town pages. In collaboration with our Science Education program, we also offer hands-on opportunities for young scientists to teach and mentor through the Afterschool STEM Mentoring Program and NeXXt Scholars Program, respectively. STEM Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Postdocs and early-career professionals can also request a mentor from our global community of over 20,000 New York Academy of Sciences Members.

    Virtual Resources — Members can access a robust and expanding virtual portfolio of educational materials, including eBriefings, webinars, podcasts, and Annals online. This means access to world-class scientists discussing cutting-edge science all at your fingertips.

    Networking — Academy membership means access to a global network of scientific leaders. Our publications, eBriefings, and webinars are generated by our members and other experts who call the Academy home, so accessing our online resources means tapping into the knowledge of our expert network. The Academy offers an online Membership Directory that provides direct access to fellow members.

    Convening — Members can attend Academy events at a free or discounted rate, providing the unique opportunity to learn about the latest scientific developments in a multidisciplinary environment. If they stay at home, they have access to the same content through our eBriefings, which are published online after our events are completed.

    Annals online — All members get free online access to Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, the oldest continuously published scientific serial in the United States and among the most cited of multidisciplinary scientific serials worldwide.

    Partnership Building — Members that enroll through the Science Alliance can interact with major multinational companies, government and philanthropic institutions, along with like-minded individuals — all of whom are represented at the Academy.

    Esteem — Many Academy members join simply to be part of a highly respected organization. There is value in being associated with an organization that boasts the world's most respected scientists and students, including Nobel laureates, primary investigators and technicians, academics, and industry professionals. Our membership has included such luminaries as U.S. Presidents Jefferson and Monroe, Thomas Edison, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin, Margaret Mead, and Albert Einstein.