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    Annual Report 2016
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    More than two billion people are affected by malnutrition—both undernutrition and overnutrition—in developed and developing countries. It is well documented that those who struggle with poor nutrition suffer from cognitive development problems, are sick more often, are more prone to disease, and die younger than their nutritionally-secure counterparts.

    There is near-universal support for a high-level, coordinated effort to identify core areas of nutrition science research and strategically apply work in these areas to remedy the global crisis in malnutrition. Many organizations are performing cutting-edge research to understand the physiological basis of nutrition-related problems, designing behavioral interventions, and working to advance policy. However, stakeholders across functional and geographic sectors agree that there is a need for a prioritized nutrition science research agenda that is easily accessible and can be translated into application and public policy changes.

    To respond to this challenge, the New York Academy of Sciences, in partnership with The Mortimer D. Sackler Foundation, has established The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science. The Sackler Institute is dedicated to advancing nutrition science research and knowledge, mobilizing communities, and applying this work in the field.


    The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science is dedicated to developing and advancing science-based solutions to the pressing challenges in the field of nutrition.

    To accomplish this Mission, The Sackler Institute:

    • Convenes and coordinates with experts across basic and applied biomedical research fields that are impacted by nutrition

    • Develops roadmaps leading to the implementation of evidence-based solutions globally

    • Supports research aligned with the Agenda

    • Supports uptake of new knowledge and evidence to effect domestic and international policy change


    We provide

    • A Forum for Debate, Analysis, Networking, and Convening
      Guided by dedication to program excellence, the Sackler Institute facilitates unprecedented debate and analysis among disparate groups in order to drive nutrition research and advocate for positive changes in nutrition policy and practice. Please click here for our upcoming events and current working groups.

    • Direct Grant Support
      Using A Global Research Agenda for Nutrition Science (2013), the Sackler Institute provides direct grant support to research that aims to fill in the gaps in knowledge and evidence, and advocates for evidence-based changes in policy and practice that can ultimately impact population health. Please click here for information on the Sackler Institute's Research Fund.

    • A Neutral Environment
      The principles of neutrality and independence are central to the modus operandi of the Sackler Institute and the Academy. These principles have special meaning in the nutrition field because of its long history of stalled progress stemming from disparate views regarding which approaches and solutions in the areas of food production and consumption are in the best public interest. Engagement with the Sackler Institute as a supporter can take many forms, including Partnerships, Leadership Initiatives, Special Projects, and Working Group and Conference Sponsorships.

    • Networking
      In its survey of events attendees in 2014, the Sackler Institute analyzed responses from 214 participants in either a workshop or a conference (33% response rate). Ninety percent of respondents said they will attend future events presented by the Sackler Institute and nearly 70% of respondents made new professional contacts during the event. Concrete collaborations were initiated directly following participation, such as developing a joint proposal, co-authoring a publication, generating new business, and receiving invitations to speak. Learn more outcomes from the survey here.

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