• Publications at the Academy

  • The New York Academy of Sciences has an historic and innovative publishing program that is central to its mission to advance scientific knowledge, to help resolve the major global challenges facing society with science-based solutions, and to increase the number of scientifically informed individuals. The Academy’s primary publications are:

    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

    Published continually since 1823, the Annals is the oldest continually published scientific serial in the United States and is among the top multidisciplinary scientific titles indexed by Thomson Scientific.

    Academy eBriefings

    These online multimedia meeting reports are written by professional science writers and scientists, and incorporate audio, video, slides, plus links to related resources. eBriefings allow the Academy’s worldwide membership to experience our events online, at their convenience, through the ease of an Internet connection.


    These public radio-style audio reports provide accessible overviews of Academy and partner events, as well as of New York-area scientific events of interest to the general public through our Science & the City program. Podcasts are available in a highly convenient, downloadable format through our web site and iTunes.


    The Academy's latest multimedia features, webinars are interactive webcasts of selected NYAS events that allow interested audiences worldwide to participate live in our cutting-edge symposia. An online archive posted within days of the event offers even broader access to scientists looking for the latest developments in a wide range of disciplines.

    The New York Academy of Sciences Magazine

    A tri-annual publication aimed at the diverse, international pool of Academy members, our magazine highlights contemporary issues in science by focusing on the people and research behind Academy programs and initiatives.

    These distinct publications, plus the Academy's Web site, disseminate NYAS content to millions of scientists and others worldwide every year. Visit our Publications homepage to find our latest content, or click on one of the titles above for more information.