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    Science Alliance was launched in 2003 by the New York Academy of Sciences and a consortium of universities, teaching hospitals, independent research facilities, and organizations in order to help young scientists attain successful and rewarding careers.

    Brought about by a need to align scientific training with workforce needs, our mission is to foster lifelong career and professional skills through education, development, and training. We provide unparalleled opportunities to learn and network across institutions, disciplines, and industries through seminars, workshops, and courses held throughout the year at the Academy and our partner institutions in the following key areas:

    Career Leadership
    We offer programming designed to help demystify the career planning process and teach young scientists how to explore different career paths, determine which ones are a good fit, and successfully prepare and apply for potential jobs.

    Field-Specific Training
    Some professions require a specific set of knowledge and skills. To help scientists augment their training, we provide workshops and courses in entrepreneurship, grant and manuscript writing, scientific teaching, and more.

    Innovating Thinking and Communications
    Leadership, project management, communication and other soft skills are important for professional success regardless of career path. Through our educational programs, students and postdocs are provided with opportunities to develop these fundamental competencies.

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    Yaihara Fortis-Santiago

    Program Manager, Science Alliance

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