• Custom Programming

    What types of services can be customized?

    The Academy's Education Department regularly consults with a wide variety of partners to customize science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programming in New York City and beyond. Through our experiences in classrooms, afterschool programs, and summer camps the team has worked in informal and formal settings to deliver engaging opportunities for youth from diverse backgrounds. We have worked with partners to implement STEM programming in the following ways:

    Program Design

    Companies, organizations, or schools oftentimes want to collaborate but do not know who to get in touch with or how to get the pieces of the puzzle to fit together. Whether it’s a STEM Festival or an employee outreach program, we can work with partners to implement a model that is the right size and duration for all involved.

    Visiting Scientists

    One of the greatest resources the Academy can offer is access to our members, including talented mentors and STEM professionals we have worked with in the past. These people are doing exciting work in the lab and are able to effectively communicate their passion for STEM. When called upon they can be deployed to visit schools, camps, or afterschool programs to do demonstrations or give talks about why they have chosen a certain field and how they have become successful.

    Professional Development

    Teachers, afterschool specialists, and camp counselors are regularly looking, and sometimes required, to have a certain number of professional development hours during a given year. We work with staff to build their capacity to deliver meaningful content in a way that is fun for youth and easily replicable. Trainings can be done at the Academy or at a given site.


    There is no shortage of STEM curricula available for those with internet access. However, curricula designed for a typical classroom set to standardized tests is limited. To fit the time requirements of our Afterschool STEM Mentoring Program we employ a team of people, and consultants when necessary, to enhance lesson plans so they are hands-on and utilize scientific inquiry. We have also identified dozens of activities that can be used for icebreakers, team building, and standalone exercises for youth to get excited about any topic along the spectrum of STEM!

    STEM and NYC

    The Academy also coordinates visits for high school students and scientists in training from around the world to explore New York City's world-class science facilities. These visits are typically weeklong programs to expose young people to universities, research labs, and cultural institutions located in the five boroughs.

    See it in Action!

    Watch a video about our "Hack Your Health" event.

    All too often people think computer science is boring and sedentary. The Academy’s Education team set out to disprove that thinking by connecting computer science with physical activity. With generous funding from New York City's Department of Youth and Community Development the Academy recruited experienced and energetic scientists to lead a daylong workshop called "Hack Your Health."

    Learn more about this event by clicking here.