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    Empowering the Next Generation of Scientific Innovators

    IMAGINE students around the world choosing to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects because of engaging curricula that directly involves STEM professionals eager to share their knowledge and passion.

    IMAGINE students interacting with a diverse group of scientists and engineers

    • learning about DNA from a Nobel Laureate,
    • helping to fight global malnutrition with a food-industry researcher, and
    • taking part in hands-on science activities with a young scientist, soon to become their role model.

    IMAGINE scientists and teachers in frequent interaction discussing best practices in STEM education.

    This is the power and potential of the Global STEM Alliance of the New York Academy of Sciences (GSA), a partnership of governments, industry, philanthropist, schools, nongovernmental organization, and leading academic institutions around the world. A solution to the growing global STEM paradox, the GSA will leverage a virtual learning platform to:

    • enhance on-the-ground STEM education initiatives through customized STEM programs that boost desired impacts for key populations,
    • facilitate global mentoring and networking by connecting top scientists, such as Nobel laureates, and the Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists honorees, with and STEM students,
    • link STEM leaders worldwide to local STEM programs for global scientific advancement, and
    • serve as a global resource for STEM education and teaching.

    IMAGINE students who today are opting out of STEM in large numbers, opt in; that the children of Barcelona, and Cape Town, of Doha and Mexico, and of New York and Dallas share the thrill of discovery with the New York Academy of Sciences. This is the power and the potential of the Global STEM Alliance.

    Why the Global STEM Alliance?

    The world needs a workforce of skilled science and technology innovators to address the most pressing global challenges of the coming century—climate change, food shortages, exponential increases in non-communicable diseases, energy shortages, and more—yet, this demand is going unmet. In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that by 2018 some 75% of occupations will be middle- or high-skilled, with the majority of these jobs requiring an education in STEM subjects.

    Many countries, from China to South Africa, are currently experiencing a well-documented shortage of STEM professionals, despite there being more STEM graduates than ever before.  Thus, an international effort—The Global STEM Alliance—is needed to address this ‘paradox’.

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    For more information on how The Global STEM Alliance works and its unique technology partnership for global access to STEM education, download the brochure or see our complete partnership kit.

    To learn more about unique opportunities to participate in this international effort to address education, innovation, and workforce challenges of the 21st century, contact:

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