• Events at the Academy 

    June 8 - August 10, 2015

    Scientists Teaching Science
    (Online Summer Course)

    Take the online course "Scientists Teaching Science" and learn about active vs. passive learning, creating course objectives and test items, and finding ways to improve your teaching and assessment techniques for students of all ages.

  • Publications & Multimedia

    December 9, 2014

    Grantsmanship for Graduate Students and Postdocs

    Speaker: Jaime S. Rubin (Columbia University)

    This eBriefing reviews grant writing at the graduate and postdoctoral levels, focusing on how to apply for research grants in the sciences, where to find resources, and how to avoid common mistakes.

    September 2014

    Antimicrobial Therapeutics Reviews: Infectious Diseases of Current and Emerging Concern

    Edited by Karen Bush (Indiana University)

    The forth installment of this annual reviews series discusses the impact of infectious diseases (including carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, tuberculosis, typhoid, influenza, and dengue) on the health of populations worldwide.

    Volume 1323

    May 29, 2014

    An Introduction to Teaching Science Online

    Speakers: Vincent Racaniello (Columbia University Medical Center) and David Randle (American Museum of Natural History)

    This eBriefing provides an introduction to teaching science online, with an overview of online teaching platforms and strategies for designing courses and engaging, assessing, and retaining students.

    December 2013

    Annals Reports

    Edited by Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences editorial staff

    This Annals volume presents three meeting reports: (1) Probiotics, Prebiotics, and the Host Microbiome: the Science of Translation; (2) Capacity Building in Nutrition Science: Revisiting the Curricula for Medical Professionals; and (3) Circadian Clocks, Brain Function, and Development.

    Volume 1306

    August 1, 2013

    Capacity Building in Nutrition Science: Revisiting the Curricula for Medical Professionals

    Organizers: Sharon R. Akabas (Columbia University), Gerald Friedman (The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai), Martin Kohlmeier (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Charlotte A. Pratt (National Institutes of Health), Gwen Twillman (American Society for Nutrition), Mandana Arabi (The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science), and Brooke Grindlinger (The New York Academy of Sciences)

    This eBriefing reviews nutrition education for health professionals. Clinical training in nutrition is often inadequate and tools for nutritional assessment, analysis, counseling, and treatment are not well integrated into curricula. Individual projects have improved nutrition training at specific schools; this report explores how to expand their impact.