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    Scientists Without BordersSM is a novel initiative that aims to mobilize and coordinate science-based activities that improve quality of life in the developing world. Conceived by the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) and the United Nations Millennium Project and guided by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Scientists Without Borders helps match needs with resources and enables its members to join forces across organizations, disciplines, and distances to deliver an impact that they could not achieve independently.

    We have successfully created a free, robust international community Web site and database that builds bridges among scientists and organizations from disparate specialties and locations. "Members"—individuals, projects, and organizations that work, or would like to work, in the developing world—enter information about themselves, including their needs and/or resources. Potential partners can then be contacted directly through the site. With a few clicks, the opportunity for meaningful collaboration is born.

    Since its launch in May 2008, Scientists Without Borders has achieved much success, including:

    • Registering 614 experts, 125 projects, and 170 organizations from across the globe
    • Building a partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, whose MDG Monitor links Web users directly to the Scientists Without Borders Web site
    • Attracting community members who represent breadth in every sense—CEOs of world-class companies from the developed world have registered on the site, as have undergraduates from some of the planet’s poorest countries
    • Engaging the participation of busy experts at the top of their fields

    Now that Scientists Without Borders has proven its utility, we seek to expand its reach by growing the network to maximize the program’s potential and expanding the Web portal’s capabilities to more seamlessly connect members and allow them to share ideas. We propose to:

    • Expand our partnerships to enhance our reach into local communities.
    • Partner with Science, Technology, and Health Ministers of various countries (with pilot projects in Ghana, Rwanda, and Tanzania) to act as global advocates.
    • Create an industry advisory council to cultivate industry leaders.
    • Develop Web site functionality to improve meaningful matches and provide targeted information for members.
    • Build community tools that allow users to form learning clusters to be able to communicate in groups and cultivate a sense of belonging to the community.

    Advisory Council

    Ellis Rubinstein

    President of the New York Academy of Sciences

    Morton P. Hyman

    Liaison to the NYAS Board of Governors
    MPH Enterprises, LLC

    Susan M. Blaustein

    Millennium Cities Initiative

    Seth Berkley

    International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

    Zhu Chen

    Minister of Health, China

    Alice Dautry

    Pasteur Institute

    Victor Dzau

    Chancellor for Health Affairs;
    Duke University Health System

    Maria Freire

    Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation

    Farkhonda Hassan

    National Council for Women, Egypt

    Mohamed H. A. Hassan

    Academy of Sciences for the Developing World

    Peter Hotez

    George Washington University;
    Sabin Vaccine Institute

    Kiyoshi Kurokawa

    Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan

    Adel Mahmoud

    Princeton University

    Romain Murenzi

    Minister of Science, Technology, Scientific Research, and Information Communication Technologies, Rwanda

    Jeffrey Sachs

    Earth Institute at Columbia University

    Eugene Terry

    West Africa Rice Development Association; African Agricultural Technology Foundation

    Judi Wakhungu

    African Centre for Technology Studies


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    Chenelle Bonavito

    Program Manager, Scientists Without Borders