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    Science & the City is the public gateway to the New York Academy of Sciences. Our program helps  fulfill an important piece of the Academy’s mission: to connect people to science in New York City and beyond, and increase science literacy. Science & the City achieves its goals through a vibrant, engaging, and comprehensive program that highlights activities across New York's diverse science and cultural communities.

    The program consists of the following elements:

    • A free calendar listing all public science events taking place in the New York metro area, including all academic lectures that are open to the public as well as events at the intersection of science, arts, and culture (also available by RSS feed)
    • A series of public events featuring high-profile scientists and science book authors, often in tandem with cultural figures, discussing subjects of general interest that incorporate hard science
    • A free weekly podcast bringing you cutting-edge science stories from the New York City area, and here at the Academy
    • A free weekly e-mail newsletter highlighting our top five picks for science events taking place in the city in the coming week
    • A new special Academy membership option for Science & the City participants that provides access to the Academy's online scientific content, including multimedia meeting overviews, our scientific journal, and our triannual member magazine

    For information about upcoming events, go to the Science & the City homepage.

    Partners and Audience

    Since its inception in 2004, Science & the City has grown tremendously. A multidisciplinary program, we create synergies between the Academy and other cultural and scientific organizations in the city. More than 20 partners help to disseminate Science & the City content and promote the program, including the American Museum of Natural History, the Guggenheim, the NY Hall of Science, CUNY's Science & the Arts program, and Discover and Seed magazines, to name only a few.

    Our audience ranges in age from 18 to 80 and comes from diverse backgrounds, education, and industries. Many of our program participants are also students (undergraduate and graduate) or postdoctoral fellows. By reaching out to this wide-ranging audience Science & the City hopes to cultivate an enthusiasm for and awareness of science happening in the world today.

    In addition to our Science & the City web site, we connect to our audience through a vast array of current social media. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, and iTunes (to name a few) help us reach out to new audiences, and allow us to generate conversation, feedback, and participation in our program from people all over the world.

    Contact Us

    Please contact us for information about calendar listings, partnerships, sponsorship, or advertising on Science & the City.