• Cattell Awards 2011 Winners

  • Cattell Award 2011 winnersThe Academy's Psychology Section has announced the winners of the prestigious 2011–2012 James McKeen Cattell Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Psychology. The award, in its 41st year, drew a distinguished pool of candidates.

    Joonkoo Park, University of Michigan, Dissertation: Experiential Effects on the Neural Substrates of Visual Word and Number Processing; Mentor: Thad Polk.

    Jennifer Marie Tomlinson, Stony Brook University, Dissertation: Perceived Partner Idealization: Is there an Optimal Level? Mentor: Arthur Aron

    In addition to the honorees above, the committee awarded "honorable mention" to two researchers:

    Jeri Little, University of California, Los Angeles, Dissertation: Optimizing Multiple-Choice Tests as Learning Events; Mentors: Elizabeth Bjork, Robert Bjork

    Catherine Hartley, New York University, Dissertation: Individual Differences in the Expression and Control of Conditioned Fear; Mentor: Elizabeth Phelps

    Dissertations were judged by the Section's Steering Committee in consultation with specialists in each area. Linda Z. Solomon, PhD, Vice Chair of the Psychology Section Steering Committee 2011–12 and Professor at Marymount Manhattan College, was responsible for processing applications and distributing the dissertations to the panel of distinguished internal and external reviewers. Also playing key roles in the process were Section Chair Helen Rozelman, PhD, and Section Steering Committee members: Florence Denmark, PhD; Jeff Fish, PhD; Gwen Gerber, Uwe Gielen, PhD; John Hogan, PhD; Edwin Hollander, PhD; Frank Le Fever, PhD; Sheila M. Pfafflin, PhD; Margot Nadien, PhD; Henry Solomon, PhD; Richard Velayo, PhD and Joanna Williams, PhD.

    Information concerning the 2012–2013 James McKeen Cattell Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Psychology may be obtained by contacting Janet Sigal, PhD (incoming Vice Chair of the Psychology Section Steering Committee) at