• Cattell Awards 2013-14 Winners

  • The Academy’s Psychology Section has announced the winners of the prestigious 2013-2014 James McKeen Cattell Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Psychology.  The award, in its 43rd year, drew a distinguished pool of candidates.

    This year, the awards committee designated one researcher as winner of the James McKeen Cattell Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Psychology:

    Dr. Natalie Brito, Georgetown University: Influence of Early Environmental Variation on Memory Development: Examining Bilingualism during Infancy.  Mentor: Dr. Rachel Barr

    In addition to the honoree above, the committee awarded “honorable mention” to three researchers:

    Dr. Braden Purcell, Vanderbilt University: Neural Mechanisms of Perceptual Decision Making.  Mentors:  Dr.Thomas J. Palmeri & Dr.Jeffrey D. Schall

    Dr. Jacqueline Barker, Yale University: The Formation and Expression of Addiction-related Behaviors: Cortico-limbic-striatal Circuitry in Flexible Reward Seeking.  Mentor: Dr. Jane Taylor

    Dr. Lauren Richmond, Washington University in St. Louis: Combining Working Memory Training and Non-invasive Brain Stimulation to Enhance the Effects of Training and Transfer.  Mentor: Dr. Ingrid Olson

    Dissertations were judged by the Section’s Steering Committee in consultation with specialists in each area.  Janet Sigal, PhD, Vice Chair of the Psychology Section Steering 2013 – 2104 and Professor Emeritus at Fairleigh Dickenson University was responsible for processing applications and distributing the dissertations to the panel of distinguished internal and external reviewers.  Also playing key roles in the process were Section Chair Henry Solomon, PhD, and Section Steering Committee members:  Florence L. Denmark, PhD., Uwe Gielen, PhD. Gwen Gerber, PhD., John Hogan, PhD., Edwin Hollander, PhD., Frank LeFever, PhD., Margot Nadien, PhD., Richard Velayo, PhD., Sheila Pfafflin, PhD., Helen Rozelman, PhD., Linda Solomon, PhD., and Joanna P. Williams, PhD.