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    Thursday, April 27, 2017 | 6:00 PM - 7:45 PM
    The New York Academy of Sciences

    Presented by Science Alliance

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    Join the Science Alliance as we discuss the postdoctoral programs outside Academia. Topics will include differences between academia and industry, hiring and transition mechanisms, salaries and challenges. The panel discussion will also explore the career paths of the panelists and suggestions on how to be a strong candidate for a non-academic postdoctoral position will be discussed. The panel will include the Postdocs administrators or directors as well as a current postdocs from each company.

    Audience members will also have the opportunity to interact with our panelists and ask questions during the panel and the roundtables. The speakers and panelists will share their knowledge and expertise during the roundtables session. The event will be followed by a networking reception.

    The Jacobs Technion–Cornell Institute

    The Jacobs Technion–Cornell Institute is a joint academic venture between Cornell University and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, resident at Cornell's Tech campus in New York City. Its mission is to push the envelope of academia, experimenting and innovating in developing pioneering leaders and technologies for the digital age. It shares with Cornell Tech the goals of increasing the graduate-level talent pool for the tech industry and driving the creation of new digitally-enabled products and companies in New York and around the world. A centerpiece of Jacobs Institute innovation is the Runway Startup Postdoc program, which began in 2014. Runway is a combination postdoc program and incubator. It brings recent PhDs to campus for one to three years to develop and leverage their deep technology expertise into significant impact through startup companies. The program is governed by a special IP arrangement and investment model that make it easy for novice entrepreneurs to get off the ground. Runway runs a yearly admissions process with applications usually due in February. The program involves faculty at Cornell and the Technion, and leverages assets from Cornell Tech, Jacobs Institute and the NYC ecosystem. Thirteen Runway companies based on PhD-depth research have been launched so far, with several more in the current pipeline. For more information visit

    Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

    The NIBR Postdoctoral Program provides postdoctoral scholars with a unique opportunity to perform innovative, fundamental research in a pharmaceutical setting. Postdocs design and conduct their research with guidance from a principal investigator at Novartis, and an academic advisor where appropriate. Our postdocs present their work at major research conferences and aim to publish their results in leading peer-reviewed journals. We encourage applications from candidates who wish to pursue a career in academia or industry. For more information visit

    The Merck Research Laboratories Postdoctoral Research Fellows Program

    The Merck Research Laboratories Postdoctoral Research Fellows Program was launched in 2012, and now has about 60 postdoctoral fellows at 7 different research sites. Each year, a call for proposals is published internally and about 25 projects are selected based on the scientific strength of each project, alignment with the strategic direction of the research area, and the suitability of the mentor. A key goal of the program is top-quality science with rapid external publication and presentation in high profile journals and conferences. The program places postdocs into MRL laboratories with capabilities, equipment, expertise and knowledge that often allow research into areas not easily replicated in academia. Postdocs who have moved through the program have proven to be well positioned for placement into academia, industry, government laboratories, or within Merck. For more information visit

    Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development (R&D)

    Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development (R&D) sponsors a postdoctoral training program that provides a unique opportunity to pursue ground-breaking research in the areas of disease biology, drug delivery and mechanisms of action and computational efforts supporting these areas, as well as the engineering of novel therapeutic proteins, vaccines, and nucleic acids. Trainees pursue their research and career training in a culture steeped in the translation of basic science discovery into difference-making medicines for patients of all ages and geographies. Postdocs can pursue their training at a number of the company's Worldwide R&D campuses around the globe. For more information about the Pfizer Worldwide R&D Postdoctoral Program, visit

    Regeneron's Postdoctoral Program

    Regeneron's Postdoctoral Program is a three-year training program designed to stimulate rigorous scientific thinking. Regeneron postdocs use cutting edge techniques to ask innovative questions under the mentorship of some of the most creative scientists in biomedicine. The program is directed by an award-winning educator and consists of intensive mentoring, didactic training, career development, and weekly data discussions. Fellows are required to engage in scholarly activities such as presenting at conferences and publishing their work, and are expected to complete the program with a strong understanding of biotechnology. For more information visit

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