• Policy Evaluation and Transformation Group

  • Policy Evaluation and Transformation Group
  • Overview

    The New York Academy of Sciences' Policy Evaluation and Transformation Group is a team of global experts that advises national and local governments, industry, and academia on the development of informed science policy to optimize economic and social benefits.

    The Policy Group provides a unique set of capabilities given the New York Academy of Sciences' range of scientific knowledge, neutrality, and extensive global network of scientific experts. Since 1817, the Academy has brought together extraordinary people working at the frontiers of discovery with leaders in the public and private sectors, academia, and industry to help solve the world's scientific, social, and economic challenges. Its Policy Group builds upon this unique history and network to provide clients with:

    Access to the highest level of thinking in science, education, and policy

    Key to the Academy's unique approach is its staff, with cross-sector expertise, specializing in program evaluation, project management, strategic planning, and program design. They assemble and employ novel coalitions of the world's leading experts and institutions, many drawn from the Academy's network, to enrich and inform projects. Where appropriate, these world-class experts serve as impartial, external reviewers, travel teams, and technical analysts to improve the quality and depth of projects. Because of this collective experience, the Academy and its expert network offer distinctive advantages as a project partner.

    Integrated policy solutions tailored to need

    The Academy has the resources and capabilities to not only provide world-class advice, but also to help implement new policies and programs with the rigorous attention to quality and accuracy expected from a centuries-old, science-based organization. In its work, the Academy serves an integral role as a bridge, organizing and facilitating diverse groups—funding agencies, legislatures, governments, companies, and universities, to name a few—to address organizational needs. In addition, through its network it has supported the identification of private–public partnerships for joint ventures.

    Commitment to driving innovative solutions

    The mission of the New York Academy of Sciences is to drive innovative solutions to society's challenges by advancing scientific research, education, and policy. We focus on building long-term relationships. We help implement each project, linking clients' programs to the scientific expertise across Academy programs.

    "The Academy's Policy Evaluation and Transformation Group can take a project from concept to completion, providing outstanding resources and proven project management expertise. Their services benefit science and society across all levels of society, particularly in science, technology, higher education, and economic development. Their capabilities have helped us improve the funding of science, create partnerships between universities and industry, develop greater scientific capacity, and improve the dissemination and the commercialization of new technologies—an outstanding service for the global community."

    — Zakri Abdul Hamid, PhD
    Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia