• Every Child’s Potential: Integrating Nutrition and Early Childhood Development Interventions

    Edited by Maureen M. Black (University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland) and Kathryn G. Dewey (University of California, Davis, California)
    Volume 1308, January 2014
    264 Pages, 20 Papers

    Early childhood is recognized as a critical time for healthy growth and development, building the basis for future attainments of every child. Therefore, scaling up interventions to support adequate nutritional intake and appropriate care practices, and optimizing the synergistic impact of such strategies, is of utmost importance. What is the global state of knowledge and experience on integrating these interventions? What are some opportunities for integration and for overcoming barriers? The papers presented in this Annals volume explore the relevance and effectiveness of an integrated approach from several dimensions, including the theoretical construct, timing and pathways to outcomes, indicators for achievements, and the required delivery mechanisms at the community and institutional levels for implementation and scaling up.

    Table of contents