• Thymosins in Health and Disease I : The Third International Symposium

    Edited by Allan L. Goldstein (The George Washington University School of Medicine) and Enrico Garaci (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”)
    Volume 1269, October 2012
    146 Pages, 16 Papers

    The first of two, this volume comprises a collection of papers devoted to the understanding of thymosins—proteins originally isolated from the thymus and that possess a unique array of biological properties. Thymosins in Health and Disease I brings together short reviews organized to explore the basic characteristics of these peptides and their hormone-like properties, recent preliminary evidence for their medicinal utility, and a focus on the alpha and beta thymosin families. In particular, Thymosin β4 (Tβ4) holds considerable promise for the treatment of many conditions and diseases. Of note, contributions to this volume include information on the application of thymosins to stem cell differentiation, neurological and cardiovascular regeneration, as well as accounts of thymosins in relation to basic regulatory and cancer cell functions.

    Table of contents.