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    eBriefings allow the Academy's worldwide membership to experience our events online, at their convenience, through the ease of an Internet connection. Designed to provide busy scientists the latest information in an accessible format, they are an integral part of the Academy's activities, documenting our Frontiers of Science conferences and discussion group meetings, and greatly expanding their impact.

    These unique multimedia presentations contain meeting summaries by professional science writers; speakers' slides and audio; video interviews; and links to other related information, including relevant journal articles, Web sites, books, and speakers' home pages. They are designed not just for specialists, but also for scientists and others looking to expand their knowledge about new research in other fields.

    More facts about Academy eBriefings

    • Although some eBriefings are unlocked, access to the complete eBriefings catalog is reserved for members of the New York Academy of Sciences. Join now to gain full access.
    • eBriefing alerts offer a free service that allow subscribers to receive an e-mail notification anytime a new eBriefing is published. Subscribers can customize their preferences to receive notices about the entire eBriefings catalog, or only eBriefings in their fields of interest. Subscribe now.
    • The Academy has published several hundred eBriefings, covering a wide range of topics across the spectrum of the sciences. We have documented hundreds of speakers' presentations, and currently publish approximately 60 new eBriefings every year.
    • In addition to covering NYAS-organized and -hosted events, the Academy also publishes eBriefings on conferences through special arrangements with external organizations who wish to disseminate their own activities through the Web. In recent years, groups such as the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), the Earth Institute at Columbia University, the Harvard Center for Neurodegeneration and Repair, the NBTC Nanobiotechnology Center, the Pierfranco and Luisa Mariani Foundation, and the Hunter College Center for Gene Structure and Function have contracted the Academy to produce eBriefings on events they have organized. For more information on how the Academy might produce an eBriefing on your event, please contact us.

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