Analysis of Cardiac Development

Edited by Edited by Rafael Beyar and Amir Landesberg (Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel)
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Analysis of Cardiac Development

Published: February 2010

Volume 1188

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The Annals issue opens with manuscripts on cardiogenesis during embryonic development, including development of the cardiac excitatory system, and the fate of progenitor cells in postnatal cardiac develpment, cell signaling during development, vasculogenesis, and stem cells in cardiac repair. Contributions also include micro-scale phenomena (sodium channel blockers, extracellular matrix , and intracellular mechanisms) and macro-scale phenomena (predictive cardiac modeling, virtual circulation of the aging heart, and biomechanics of early cardiac morphogenesis). The final manuscripts of this issue discuss cardiac-related aging phenomena, such as cardiovascular remodeling, arrhythmogenesis, and anti-aging interference agents.