Antimicrobial Therapeutics Reviews (4)

Edited by Edited by Gerard D. Wright (McMaster University, Ontario, Canada)
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Antimicrobial Therapeutics Reviews (4)

Published: September 2015

Volume 1354

Scholary review articles on mechanisms of antibiotics resistance, new sources of antibiotics, and new techniques in evaluating antibiotic resistance
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This installment of Antimicrobial Therapeutics Reviews presents scholarly reviews on mechanisms of antimicrobial drug resistance, including for echinocandin, quinolone, and daptomycin; recent unconventional screening approaches that have been piloted for early antibiotic discovery efforts; raman spectroscopy as a new technique in antibiotic discovery and resistance; bioactive natural products from novel microbial sources; and the use of external guide sequence technology in the development of novel antimicrobial therapeutics.