Atherosclerosis V

Edited by Edited by Fujio Numano (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan) and Michael A. Gimbrone, Jr. (Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA)
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Atherosclerosis V

Published: May 2000

Volume 902

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Atherosclerosis V is the newest of the Saratoga Conferences, the proceedings of which have been published continuously in the Annals as Volumes 454 [1985], 598 [1990], 748 [1995], and 811 [1997]. The fifth conference represents the state of the art in atherosclerosis research, from the level of clinical manifestations in diseased arteries, to underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms. Contributions from a spectrum of basic researchers and clinician-scientists from around the world are included, along with excerpts of the actual discussion that took place at the meeting. This volume is a must for all those interested in the important field of biomedical research on this public health problem from a basic, clinical, or translational perspective.

This volume is out of print.