Atherosclerosis VI

Edited by Edited by Fujio Numano (Tokyo Vascular Disease Institute, Tokyo, Japan) and Michael A. Gimbrone, Jr. (Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA)
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Atherosclerosis VI

Published: December 2001

Volume 947

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This volume is the sixth in the Saratoga International Conference series, which brings together leading researchers and clinicians from Asia, Europe, and North America to highlight the latest findings on the genetics, development, prognosis, and the pathologies that lead to atherosclerosis. Papers describe recent research in vascular biology; signal transduction and angiogenesis; inflammation, thrombosis and atherosclerosis; lipids, lipoproteins, and their receptors; lipd metabolism and inflammation; genetic approaches to atherosclerosis; and coronary artery disease and its therapy.

This volume is out of print.