Behavioral Neurobiology of Birdsong

Edited by Edited by H. Philip Zeigler (Hunter College of CUNY, New York) and Peter Marler (University of California, Davis, Davis, California)
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Behavioral Neurobiology of Birdsong

Published: June 2004

Volume 1016

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Many features of birdsong have made it an increasingly fruitful model for research on a number of important problems in behavioral neurobiology. Among these features are (a) the stereotyped and quantifiable nature of song behavior, (b) the many similarities between the acquisition of bird song and of human speech, and (c) the identification and increasingly precise characterization of a central neural circuit dedicated to song. These features have engaged the attention of researchers on species-typical behavior, communication, behavioral development, central sensory processing, motor learning, sensorimotor control, neurogenesis, and neuronal plasticity. This volume provides an overview of new findings in the birdsong system that have had a major impact on neuroscience research, and have fundamentally altered our concepts of brain function.