Biophysics from Molecules to Brain

Edited by Edited by Zeljko Vucinic (Center for Multidisciplinary Studies, Serbia and Montenegro), Bogdan Djuricic (School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro), and Stanko Stojilkovic (National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland)
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Biophysics from Molecules to Brain

Published: August 2005

Volume 1048

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Radoslav K. Andjus was a founder of the modern field of biophysics, and this volume contains the proceedings of a meeting held in his honor in Belgrade, organized and attended by many of his former students and coworkers, including the Nobel laureate Stanley Prusiner. Andjus's ground-breaking work in tolerance to anoxia and hypothermia ranged from the cellular level to the behavior of freeze-tolerant and freeze-resistant vertebrates. The symposium renews a well-established tradition of annual meetings of the Yugoslav Biophysical Society, which had been suspended for several years as a result of the political situation in the region. These proceedings comprise contributions from the fields of neuro-, membrane, and molecular biophysics; neuroscience; biomedical science; rehabilitation; and emergency medicine.