Edited by Edited by Salvatore Alesci (Clinical Neuroendocrinology Branch, National Institute of Mental Health, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland), Irini Manoli, (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland), and Rebecca Costello (Office of Dietary Supplements, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland)
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Published: November 2004

Volume 1033

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Carnitine is a naturally occurring compound with a central role in intermediate metabolism. This nutrient is widely used as a dietary supplement for its actions on fat metabolism, muscle performance, and cognitive function. Several commercials promote its use by athletes and to combat obesity and aging without dose- or side-effect specifications, an issue of obvious public health relevance. This volume will provide to the scientific community, as well as to the lay public, evidence-based information on the actions and effects of carnitine to clarify certain areas of conflict on carnitine use and abuse, and to define scientific questions for study.