Epigenetics and Neuropsychiatric Diseases

Edited by Edited by Mark F. Mehler (Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, Bronx, New York) and Dolores Malaspina (New York State Psychiatric Institute, Columbia University, New York, New York)
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Epigenetics and Neuropsychiatric Diseases

Published: September 2010

Volume 1204

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Epigenetics and neuropsychiatric diseases: introduction and meeting summary
by Mark F. Mehler

Critical periods and the developmental origins of disease: an epigenetic perspective of schizophrenia
by Mary Perrin, Karine Kleinhaus, Julie Messinger and Dolores Malaspina

Genomic imprinting on the X chromosome: implications for brain and behavioral phenotypes
by William Davies

Impact of nuclear organization and dynamics on epigenetic regulation in the central nervous system: implications for neurological disease states
by Irfan A. Qureshi and Mark F. Mehler

Stress, sex, and neural adaptation to a changing environment: mechanisms of neuronal remodeling
by Bruce S. McEwen