Francisella tularensis

Edited by Edited by Yousef Abu Kwaik (University of Louisville College of Medicine, Louisville, Kentucky), Dennis Metzger (Albany Medical College Albany, New York), and Francis Nano (University of Victoria, Canada)
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Francisella tularensis

Published: July 2007

Volume 1105

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With the major interest in biodefense and the major threats of bioterrorism, Francisella tularensis has become a major interest for microbiologists, cell biologists, immunologists, and infectious disease experts. The volume explores the mechanisms of pathogenesis, genetics and genetic manipulations, genomics and metagenomics, identification of vaccine candidates, animal models to study the disease process, mechanisms of protective immunity, pathophysiology, vaccine development, genetic susceptibility, more effective therapies, clinical diagnosis, and routine and rapid microbiological diagnostic tools.