Imaging and the Aging Brain

Edited by Edited by Mony J. de Leon (New York University, New York, New York), Donald A. Snider (James N. Jarvie Commonweal Service, New York, New York), and Howard Federoff (University of Rochester, New York, New York)
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Imaging and the Aging Brain

Published: February 2007

Volume 1097

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Advances in imaging are occurring at a brisk pace, and imaging techniques have great potential to act as pre-symptomatic predictors of disease as well as to chart the course of a disease. Neuroimaging has greatly advanced the understanding of brain function and its relationship to the anatomical substrate. This volume brings together internationally renowned imaging scientists, those studying the aging brain, industry experts, and clinicians to jointly examine the most current methods and their application to brain physiology, behavior, and age-related diseases. These reports explore new technologies, data from recent neuroimaging initiatives, and translational research applications. Topics covered include in vivo imaging of molecules, cells, and networks throughout the lifespan; cutting-edge imaging technologies and studies of the physiology of aging; translational application of neuroimaging; and emerging technologies in the private sector.