Immunology of Diabetes IV

Edited by Edited by Carani B. Sanjeevi (Center for Molecular Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden) and Toshiaki Hanafusa (Osaka Medical College, Osaka, Japan)
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Immunology of Diabetes IV

Published: October 2006

Volume 1079

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The incidence of diabetes is increasing all over the world and has become a major public health problem. This volume brings together reports from scientists working in the fields of immunology genetics that that report on basic research as well as current approaches to treatment in the clinic. Reports from workshops on autoantibodies and T cells are included, as are chapters covering target autoantigens, innate immunity in type 1 diabetes, fulminant type 1 diabetes, and the role of viral infections in type 1 diabetes. The genetics of LADA and SPIDDM are presented as well as a comparison of their immunoepidemiology and immunopathological features. A section on genetics and the characteristics of susceptible genes concludes the basic research. The clinical topics covered include islet regeneration and the use of stem cells in mediating tolerance for type 1 diabetes prevention. Reports on the progress on islet transplantation conclude the volume.