Impact of Emerging Zoonotic Diseases on Animal Health

Edited by Edited by Edmour F. Blouin (Center for Veterinary Health Sciences, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma) and Jean-Charles Maillard (Cirad-Emvt / PRISE, Hanoi, Vietnam)
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Impact of Emerging Zoonotic Diseases on Animal Health

Published: October 2006

Volume 1081

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The need to protect biodiversity places great constraints on the use of natural spaces such as forests and preserves and often conflicts with the need for sustainable intensification of agricultural and animal production. Human, domestic animal, and wildlife habitats have increasingly overlapped and have resulted in modified patterns of interaction between wild and domestic animals and humans. In such an environmental context, we can expect to see changes in disease transmission between animals and humans. This volume explores the impact of these emerging zoonotic diseases on animal health in the tropics as well as all aspects of tropical veterinary medicine.

The Public Health Response to Swine H1N1

Michael Shaw (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)