Learning, Skill Acquisition, Reading, and Dyslexia

Edited by Edited by Guinevere F. Eden (Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC) and D. Lynn Flowers (Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC)
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Learning, Skill Acquisition, Reading, and Dyslexia

Published: November 2008

Volume 1145

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The Rodin Remediation Academy, founded in 1984, has held 24 conferences and symposia dedicated to research on dyslexia. The 2006 conference program emphasized the role of skill acquisition and learning, a rapidly developing field of neuroscience research, which provides a useful perspective for the study of reading. The conference was jointly organized by the Rodin Remediation Academy and the Center for the Study of Learning, Georgetown University; and was sponsored by the NICHD, NIDCD and NINDS, National Institutes of Health, as well as by the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation, the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, and Wilson Language Training.