Microarrays, Immune Responses, and Vaccines

Edited by Edited by Luc Aujame and Nicolas Burdin (Aventis Pasteur, Marcy L'Etoile, France) and Betty Dodet and Marissa Vicari (Fondation Mérieux, Lyon, France)
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Microarrays, Immune Responses, and Vaccines

Published: December 2002

Volume 975

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This Annals volume assesses the current impact of microarray technology on our knowledge and understanding of immunology, and on vaccine development. Questions that are addressed include the following: What microarray technological improvements remain to be achieved? What are the current biological limitations on generating new insights? In which areas should emphasis be placed in order to move ahead faster? How can the enormous amount of data generated be shared most effectively? Can we expect to be able to monitor antigen-specific immune responses, and, if so, what would be needed? What will be the impact of these technologies on vaccine development?