Natural Products and Molecular Therapy

Edited by Edited by Girish J. Kotwal (University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville, Kentucky; University of Cape Town Medical School, Cape Town, South Africa) and Debomoy K. Lahiri (Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana)
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Natural Products and Molecular Therapy

Published: December 2005

Volume 1056

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Although people of all continents and cultures have been using different kinds of natural products for centuries, their mechanisms of action are poorly understood. Interestingly, most of these products \"work,\" and paradoxically we are witnessing a great limitation of existing pharmacological targets and agents for various new diseases, such as HIV, as well as those that affect the growing aged population worldwide. This volume presents research focused on the molecular basis of action of different natural products and their applications to various diseases, including cancer, brain disorders, and infectious diseases.